A moist lesbian

Saarit, a 26 year old lesbian from Boston, sat down with me at breakfast. I mostly want to catch up with Twitter before the ulpan starts, but Saarit wanted to talk, which we haven't really done before.

She’s broken up with her Peace Corps girlfriend after four and a half years. She’s bored and depressed. Anyway, she works as a bookkeeper which embarrasses her, for some reason. She would like to open a bicycle cooperative in Tel Aviv, which is about the most lesbian thing anyone could do, possibly. You're so happy, she said to me, you can't be married.

At coffee with her and Megan later, I say how happy I am that Nathan will bring me some Clarins Men from Frankfurt duty free. They both shrug and I have to explain what it is. Saarit tells us she uses Dove moisturiser, only 40nis a big tub. Sometimes, she confides, she spreads it on her arse. I tell her that a) she's much younger than me, oh, thirty odd years younger, and that b) I’m not spreading arse moisturiser on my face.

We return to talking about veganism, which Megan does and Saarit aspires to. Megan recommends a vegan 'cheeseburger' place in Florentin. Tel Aviv has more vegan restaurants per head than anywhere else in the world. We had lunch in one on Diezengoff last week and, oddly, they served shakshuka with eggs, but not honey for my mint tea. It is probably evidence of my moral failings to expect consistency.

Saarit worries about the bees suffocated in the production of honey and wants to be vegan because it stops global warming. She fails in every attempt because she keeps meeting meat-eating women and falls off the vegan wagon.

It is a lovely, slightly unseasonal, 28C today.

Today's word: uff echud – no one – אףאחד

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