Gibbering monkey

I saw a career counsellor last year, in London, for six sessions. She’s a psychotherapist, really, and we tried to work out what I should do, for work. One thing that she suggested, that I understood, anyway, was that I should hold something of myself in reserve, that I should be less eager to reveal myself to people. I should let them come to me, rather than rushing to them. I do try this, when I remember, but I’m not very good at it, as I think this blog demonstrates emphatically.

My lawyer, Shai, the one who sorted out the removal men, invites me to his office, in Neve Tzedek, an expensive, characterful part of the city. He wants us to “get to know each other”, which I think means he wants to work out how rich I am. He will be disappointed .

His office is smart and intimidating in a zen-like way, if such a thing can be imagined, it seems to be a reflection of him. He is dark and handsome, expensively dressed, in a casual way. I think you’d know he was a lawyer without being told. He is excellent at not revealing himself. He sits back in his black, leather chair, makes a steeple with his fingers, and is definitely in charge, while I sit on the edge of my seat, lean forward and gibber like the monkey I really am.

I owe him 3000nis, around £600, maybe more, too much, I know, for looking at my lease, and the £ reduces in value every day. He crossed a few things out, added a few words, but it was all in Hebrew, I can’t tell you what any of it meant. Still, 3000nis. Because of the difficulties I’ve had with banks and transferring money I can’t get it to him. He sends me an email every few days reminding me of my debt. This keeps me awake at night, with all the other things that keep me awake at night. My move has cost me twice as much as I’d anticipated and I worry about how long the money I have will last. But, hallelujah, still unpacking weeks after I moved in, I find my UK cheque book and send Shai payment.

Days later, at 5am, he emails again and I’m awake to receive it. Have I yet found a way to pay him? I tell him I posted a cheque a week ago. Ten minutes later he replies, Oh, yes, he’s checked with his partner, I have paid, after all.

Today’s word: miktz-oh-uh – profession – מקצוע

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